Tienchi Ginseng tea Steamed Instant Tablet Form 36 Tea tablets As well-known and precious herb produced in Yunnan Province, was originally called Sanchi. Similiar to Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), it is a per" compiled by Li Shih Chen, a famous pharmacologist of the Ming dynasty, tienchi is also named CINPUHUAN, implying that its intrinsic value far exceeds the exchange value of gold. Tienchi has long been used by Chinese doctors of ancient and modern times as the primary herb for use in supporting the health of the blood and blood circulation. In recent years, further clinical research by Chinese scientists have demonstrated that, besides the various phytochemical constituents that are similar to those in Asian ginseng, tienchi contains saponin A which supports the health of the heart, and flavonoids which aid in blood circulation. Actions: Supports the health of the cardiovascular system. Helps maintain healthy blood circulation, and a healthy heart. These statements have not been evaluated to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Yunnan Produce Steamed Tienchi Ginseng Tea

  • As a tea, put 4 instant tablets into lukewarm water and drink when in need three times a day. If you are pregnant or nursing baby consult a doctor . Store this in cool and dry place.

  • 36 Tea Tablets.