Nurtures yin, strengthens kidney, lung and spleen, dispels phlegm heat, relieves thirst, circulates fluid, regulates appetite, calms shen. A classical prescription for the treatment of diabets "sugar urine disease", used for both juvenile and insipid diabets in mainland China. Insulin levels should be monitored and adjusted while taking this (or any herbal patent formula. Source: The formula is from the writings of Ye Tian-shi, Qing Dynasty, 1644-1911. Function: Nourish kidney yin: clear def. yin heat, stop thirst due to def. kidney yin; promote salivation Application: Use to treat excess thirst due to def. yin and damage body fluids. Use to treat diabetes of mild or moderate severity. Helps promote the fluid production, support circulation, helps maintain a healthy insulin and blood sugar level.

Diabeety Care Yu Quan Wan

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  • Kudzu root 2000mg, Trichosanthes root 1500mg Rehmannia unprocessed root tuber 1500mg Schisandra fruit 1000mg Other ingredients: cornstarch

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