Promotes sexual energy for female and to support healthy immune system without a prescription. It help you regain your youthful stamina and drive. It help delay menopause stage. It beautify the complexion.

Nutri-Rich Mega Beauty For Women

  • Vitamin E 60I.U. Iodine 120mcg Ovarian Substance 120mcg Uterus Substance 100mcg Mammary Substance 25mg Adrenal Substance 150mg Pituitary Substance 50mg Thymus Substance 80mg Pancreas Substance 80mg Kidney Substance 80mg Heart Substance 80mg Liver Substance 80mg PABA Substance 30mg Octacosanol 500mcg Royal Jelly 100mg Ginseng 100mg Licorice 60mg Dong Quai 80mg Other ingredients: Damiana Sarsaparilla Garlic Ginger Skullcap Burdock Root Cayenne Marshmallow Cramp Bark Black Cohosh Excipients Microcrystaline Cellulose Food Glaze Magnesium Stearate Vegetable Stearine Silicon Dioxide

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