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This formula is designed to replenish youthful energy. It can e used by either men or women to assist in replenishing sexual energy and vigor. Chinese Diagnosis: Restores kidney Yang. As people age, their kidney energy begins to diminish. Kidney energy contains Jing (the life force essence) which is lost in the aging process and through various lifestyle abuses. Such abuses include excessive sex, alcohol and drug abuse, as well as eating a poor diet. People also age because of an over-reliance on stimulants such as coffee, cigarettes and junk food. Symptoms of aging include impotence, frequent urination at night, lower back pain, knee pain or sore knees, dizziness, amnesia, Alzheimer's disease, short-term memory loss (forgetfulness), poor appetite and a very weak pulse.

Huan Shao Wan Youth Again

SKU: F48
  • Rehmannia ( cured root tuber) 116mg Chinese Yam (rhizome) 116mg Poria (sclerotium) 116mg Jujube (fruit) 116mg Lycium (fruit) 78mg Desert broomrape (stem) 78mg Schisandra (fruit) 78mg Asiatic dogwood (fruit without seed) 78mg Polygala (root) 78mg Achyranthes (root) 78mg Morinda (root) 78mg Grass-leaf sweetflag (rhizome) 40mg