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: Jiang Ya Pian
Jiang Ya Pian
Aids in maintaining healthy circulation. This product also aids in maintaining healthy brain function, visual equilibrium, and sleeping patterns. Pacifies liver wind and fire, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stagnation, tonifies blood, benefits kidneys, stops pain. Use for symptoms of hypertension due to liver fire, including vertigo, bursting headache, stiff neck, red face, dizziness, and poor gait.
Source: Dr. Shi Chin-Mo developed this formula, in the 20th c. Function: Clear heat from excess yang; lower high blood pressure in cases with excess yang. Calm the internal wind; Promote blood circulation. Application: Use to treat hypertension due to excess yang heat or internal wind. Symptoms: Hypertension with dizziness, uneasiness, stiff neck, distending type of headache and red face. Use to treat excess type of hypertension cases who are in a “pre-stroke condition” who have already had one or more transient ischemic attacks (TIA’s) resulting in temporary neurological symptoms such as facial or limb paralysis, diminished visual field, abnormal sensations in face or limbs, etc. Contraindications: Do not use with pregnant women; this formula contains herbs which will promote blood circulation, remove stagnation, bring down qi, and could cause a miscarriage. Use this formula with excess yang type cases only. It will get into the liver and heart channels and clear excess yang heat. When an excess yang case who is taking this formula contracts a wind-cold OPI syndrome, this formula should temporarily be stopped; it contains several cold property herbs.
Bottles of 100 pills. Directions: Take 4 to 6 tablets three times a day with warm water.
Caution: Do not take if you are pregnant.

Dong-Quai Root 320mg Sickle-Senna 320mg
Magnetite 192mg Achyranthes 192mg
Gambir Vine 192mg Heal-All 192mg
Sophora Flower 192mg Red-Root Sage Root 129mg
Earthworm 66mg

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