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: Shou Wu Chih
Shou Wu Chih
It is made from roots of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb and is used to replenish the vital essence of the liver and kidney. It helps to reduce early greying of hair, aching back and knees, amenorrhea, fatigue, eye disorder cause by surgery, cough, dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorder, neurasthenia and hypercholesteremia. Tonifies blood, warms and invigorates blood, nourishes liver and kidneys, benefits eyes and tendons. A liquid concentratae useful as a strong liver tonic for men and women. Use for depletion due to sexual excess, childbirth, or illness. Strengthens bones and tendons in back and joint aching. Suitable for long periods of time.

Bottle of 17.5fl. oz(500ml) Directions: Drink one cup of polygonum chih or the measured into a cup of hot or cold water and stir well.

Polygonum Multif Orum Thunb Angelica Glaabra Makino
Angelica Sinensis Hedychium Coronarium Koen
Polygonatum Chinese Kth Jambosa Caryophy Llus Ndz
Rehmannia Glutinosa Libosch Citrus Medical L
Conioselinum Unvittatum Turcz
Contains 15% alcohol

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